New Standardised Recycling Guidelines

As of today: 1 Feb 2024, kerbside recycling is being standardised for all of NZ to make it easier for you to recycle right ♻

These changes are part of a central government effort to reduce contamination in our recycling, and make it less confusing than the different rules previously existing between districts.

What can we recycle at the kerbside?

The only materials now accepted in kerbside recycling bins are:

  •  Plastic bottles, trays and containers marked with recycling symbols 1, 2 or 5 ONLY

  • Glass bottles and jars

  • Paper and cardboard (including pizza boxes with food scraps removed)

  • Aluminium and steel tins and cans

As previously, the following rules apply:

👉Recycling must be clean.
👉No lids, caps or bottle tops can be placed in a yellow recycling bag for kerbside collection.

We have updated the downloadable recycling guide to reflect these changes for you to print:

What is NOT included that was previously?

Aerosol cans and aluminium foil or foil trays are no longer on the list for kerbside recycling collections in Kaipara district.
Instead, you can continue to bring these in to one of our depots with your general recycling.

For more information and to get up to date on how to #RecycleRight, see the guidelines here: https://environment.govt.nz/what-you-can-do/campaigns/recycle/