Our Story

Since the mid 1990's, Kaipara Refuse has been serving the Kaipara community

This is our story.

In the mid-1990's Kaipara Refuse was born.

We took over the kerbside waste contract for western Kaipara. By 2007 we had taken over the transfer station and extended our service to the whole Kaipara district!

Fastforward to now, we have 4 compactor trucks, 4 recycling trucks, and employ around 45 staff both full time and part time! 

Our team hand-process all the Kaipara kerbside recycling - sorting it into categories to be sent off to be recycled. This is a good reason to make sure you wash your recycling before you pop it into the bag!!

We're more than just a waste company.

The people are the REAL heart of Kaipara Refuse, which was born to serve two special purposes:

  • to financially support the Kaurilands Skills Centre - a residential facility that has been running since the 1990's and provides homes for about 20 people with intellectual disabilities

  • to create roles for the Kaurilands residents to help them get out into the community and contribute their valuable skills.

What this means is - when you buy a Kaipara Refuse blue rubbish bag or yellow recycling bag, you are directly supporting the Kaurilands Skills centre and it's people and empowering them to contribute to the community.

Community supporting community!

The beginnings of recycling for Kaipara

When we first started out there was NO recycling running in Kaipara - and the council of the day wasn't keen on it being added to our rates. It had to be a user-pays system, so we came up with the yellow bag solution and started collecting recycling from the kerbside in 2008.

There is keen interest from the community to change over to bins for recycling.  This decision sits with the local district council, and we are ready to go when it is implemented.

Learn more about what happens with recycling here:

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