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Kaipara Refuse Ltd.

Kaipara waste collection is our mahi as the official contractor for kerbside rubbish & recycling for the Kaipara District

Since the mid 1990's, Kaipara Refuse has been serving the Kaipara community.

As the team in charge of Kaipara waste collection we collect household refuse and recycling from households and businesses across the Kaipara District several days a week, then we hand sort all recycling at our depot in Ruawai.

However, our story neither begins, nor ends with recycling or waste: our story is all about our very special team of people and providing our community with opportunities.

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Find out when Kaipara waste collections of rubbish and recycling happen in your area


You can take your recycling to either of our West-Kaipara locations


A guide on how recycling works in
Kaipara District


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We have various sized wheelie bins available for use


Learn all about Kaipara Refuse and what makes us tick!


Latest update

New Standardised Recycling Guidelines

February 1, 2024
As of today: 1 Feb 2024, kerbside recycling is being standardised for all of NZ to make it easier for you to recycle right â™»These changes are part of a central government effort to reduce contamination in our recycling, and make it less confusing than the different rules previously existing betwee...
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Read the recycling guide

For recycling systems to work well, it is vital you understand WHAT can be recycled in our district and the need to CLEAN recycling before putting it out. 

Read the recycling guide to learn how to recycle right!