199 Awakino Road, Dargaville
Ph: 09 439 0425

OPEN Tues-Fri 9am-4pm / Saturdays 10am-4pm
CLOSED Sunday/Monday and Public Holidays

Recovering resource from landfill

Our Dargaville depot is focussed on saving resource from going to landfill. We can accept a range of recyclables here including general recycling, scrap metal, whiteware, small appliances and heaps more.
A full list of what we take at the Dargaville depot with pricing can be found below.

It is also home to "The 2nd Chance Shop" - where we save perfectly good items from landfill and give them a chance at a 2nd life with someone else! Make sure you browse the shop next time you visit!

Eftpos available at this site.

"It's not waste, until you waste it."


Materials accepted + pricelist


General Recycling

  • Domestic

$2.50 per car load

  • Commercial

$12.00 per cubic metre

we also take aerosol cans and aluminium foil in our general recycling at the depot.

General waste (landfill)

  • Normal Rubbish Bag

$4.10 per bag

  • Large Rubbish Bag

$6.50 per bag

  • General Waste

$75.00 per cubic metre

Battery recycling

  • Alkaline (AAA, AA, 9V, C, D, Lantern)

$5.00 per kg

  • Rechargeable, Lithium, button, etc

$7.00 per kg

  • Nicad, Nimh, Li-ion, polymer, mixed
    batteries, phone & laptop batteries

$7.00 per kg


$32.00  per cubic metre

Printers, scanners, fax machines

$15.00  per item

Ink cartridges and toners

$4.00  per kg

Scrap metal

  • Domestic

$10.00 per cubic metre
/trailer or ute load

  • Commercial

$10.00 per cubic metre


$65.00  per cubic metre


$10.00  per item

TV's & Computer monitors

$25.00  per unit

Photocopiers, medium 

$25.00  per unit

Photocopiers, over 100kg 

$40.00  per unit

Oil filled heaters, dehumidifiers, vacuum

$15.00  per unit

Speakers, stereos, microwave, DVD/VCR player 

$10.00  per unit

Please note: All pricing is at the Transfer Station Attendants discretion

Recycling saves resource!

Got a question about recycling? Check our recycling guide