Wheelie bins

Various sized wheelie bins are available



Wheelie bin service available - various sizes:
80, 120 and 240ltr bins.

Available in Dargaville township only at present.
Please contact us if interested


Short term hire of a large wheelie bin is available across the district.
$105 for bin, + a delivery charge.

Please read the bin hire terms, then fill in the form below to order.

What can go inside the wheelie bin?

You can put general household items in the bin, things that would normally go into a rubbish bag.

Restricted items

NO – concrete, car batteries, large bits of wood, scrap metal, TVs, hazardous waste (including asbestos)

Bin hire terms

  1. $105 for bin, + delivery charge. 

  2. The full bin must have the lid fully closed.  Anything over that, or around the bin will be left behind.

  3. Maximum weight 400kg.  If our truck can’t lift it, its overweight and you will also be charged extra.

  4. Hireage is for a maximum of 1 week from date of delivery.  More empties can be arranged.

  5. The area the bin is dropped off in, the bin must be returned to for pick up.

  6. An invoice will be generated once you have made contact and confirmed hireage with Kaipara Refuse.  This invoice must be paid in full before the bin gets delivered to your address. 

  7. If you are having more than 1 pick up, another invoice will be generated, full payment is again required before pick up of the original bin.

  8. Once your bin is full, please ring 09 439 2146, to schedule emptying/pick up.  The bin needs to be easily accessible for our truck on collection day.

  9. Our bin is strong but please treat it with care.  It must stay on solid ground, ie concrete or smooth metal, otherwise it sinks into the ground and the wheels break.  Any damage will be charged to you.

If you have any further questions or would like to order a wheelie bin, please call the above number or fill in the form on this page.

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Wheelie bin request has been sent. We will be in touch soon.